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Wood.Father of Civilization
between past, present and future

Lagos, Portugal
02-08 September 2024

The Conference

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Activities & Talks
02-08 September 2024
09:00 am

Our curated activities and conferences provide a holistic experience that bridges hands-on learning with in-depth industry insights. Participants engage in immersive workshops on wood management, from reforestation to the role of trees in ecosystems. Collaborative sessions foster solutions for real-world challenges, while interactive exhibits highlight wood's cultural significance. These conferences dive into the modern wood trade landscape, stressing the importance of sustainability, shared knowledge, and innovative practices. Together, we emphasize active engagement and a responsible approach to the ever-evolving world of wood.


Exploring New Paths for Sustainability: Identify and discuss innovative methods for sustainable wood production and its efficient recycling. Showcase the latest technologies and innovations that can aid in more efficient and less environmentally impactful production processes.


Professional Networking: Create a platform for industry professionals to exchange contacts, fostering long-lasting collaborations and strategic partnerships.


Understanding the Timber Supply Chain: Analyze in-depth the journey of wood, from growth and felling to production, distribution, and final use and recycling. dentify and address specific points along the supply chain that can be optimized for sustainability, thereby reducing the ecological footprint.


Education and Awareness: Promote understanding among participants about the importance of sustainability in timber trade and the ecological repercussions of business decisions.


Encourage Green Technology Use: Showcase the latest technologies and innovations that can aid in more efficient and less environmentally impactful production processes.


Sharing Best Practices: Create a forum where leading companies can share their success stories in sustainable management and wood recycling, offering inspiration and guidance to other participants.

Conferences & Workshops

Revolutionizing the Wood Industry with Digital Tools

Green Growth: Strategies for Eco-Friendly Wood Production and Use

Global Timber: Challenges and Opportunities in the International Wood Market

DIY with Wood: Building Sustainable Furniture from Scratch

Wood Identification and Care: Preserving Quality through Expert Knowledge

Creative Carving: A Hands-On Experience in Artistic Wood Techniques

The Conference
Wood Products

About the Event

Introduction points

Portugal becomes a crucial meeting point for Brazilian and European companies focused on wood sustainability. Wood, integral to human history and civilization, needs careful management and respect. Recognizing its pivotal role, our industry is committed to protecting forests and prioritizing sustainable sourcing. At our event in Vila Vita, Algarve, we'll explore best practices and strategies for responsible wood utilization, holding conferences and workshops. Our goal is ensuring wood represents our dedication to a sustainable future.









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Location & Values

Why have we chosen Portugal?

Portugal, with its rich maritime history, is not just a country but a key gateway for Brazilian wood into Europe, reflecting deep historical, commercial, and geographical ties. The enduring bond between Portugal and Brazil, enriched by centuries of trade and cultural exchange, shapes today's trade dynamics. Strategically positioned, Portugal connects Brazil's forests to Europe's markets. Its commitment to sustainability and the balance between commerce and conservation makes it an exemplary host. Hosting the event here underscores Portugal's role in promoting sustainable wood trade.

Core values

Sustainability, Social Justice, Quality.

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